Devoted to Family

Devoted to Family Chaya Kagan. Courtesy of the Lost Shtetl Museum.

Chaya Kagan. Courtesy of the Lost Shtetl Museum.

The Woman in the Photograph

You are looking at one of the earliest artifacts in our museum. It was donated eight years ago by Boris Shtein, then chairman of the Šiauliai Jewish community, who supported establishing a Jewish museum in Šeduva.

This photo depicts Chaya Kagan, born in Šeduva around 1860. She moved to Šiauliai with her family after getting married, where she sadly lost her husband, also from Šeduva. Chaya was known for her devout religious observance, hard work, and unwavering dedication to her family, qualities fondly remembered by Boris Shtein.

Chaya was the center of religious life in her family. She ensured everyone followed kosher rules, went to synagogue, and celebrated Shabbat and other holidays. She was also a fantastic cook. Her family especially loved her beef stew with prunes, known as 'floimen cimes'.

Chaya passed away in the spring of 1940, before the Soviet occupation of Lithuania.