The Museum Is Already Underway The Museum Is Already Underway

Construction Site of the Lost Shtetl Museum. Courtesy of The Lost Shtetl Museum.

The Museum Is Already Underway

The Lost Shtetl Museum, which is currently being built in Šeduva, is rising up like mushrooms after a rainstorm. Not only have the foundations been laid, the walls are standing, and some of the large museum buildings recently got roofs. Local residents can observe the buildings spring up on the construction site that will house the galleries of the main exhibition.

Dedicated to Jewish faith, the synagogue gallery already stands. The galleries featuring other topics are coming along as well, including the ones for showcasing interwar youth (athletics, politics, learning, entertainment, migration), the market square (economy, culture, the town community), and many other interesting subjects.

By way of Šeduva, visitors will get to see the lost shtetl and learn about its community, religious and daily life, and relations with neighbors, that is, everything that made the town so dynamic and colorful when both Jews and Christians lived there.

Shtetl means small town in Yiddish. We call it the Lost Shtetl because the Jewish communities who lived in the shtetls are gone now. In Lithuania and the rest of Eastern Europe, they were lost to the Holocaust during the Second World War.

In two years, we are planning to invite our visitors to discover the Lost Shtetl together with us.