Lost Shtetl at the Vilnius Book Fair Lost Shtetl at the Vilnius Book Fair

Virginija Šiukščienė (Šiauliai "Aušra" museum), Milda Jakulytė-Vasil (head curator of "Lost Shtetl" museum), Sergey Kanovich (director of "Lost Shtetl" museum), Jūratė Kaučikaitė (Šiauliai "Aušra" museum).

Lost Shtetl at the Vilnius Book Fair

On February 23, 2023, “Lost Shtetl” participated in the 23rd Vilnius Book Fair. During the fair, together with our colleagues from Šiauliai "Aušra" museum, we presented the publication “Michael Brenner. Free Fall. Šiauliai-New York-Paris-Šiauliai".

In 2022, an exhibition of sculptures by the émigré Litvak sculptor Michael Brenner was held at the Chaim Frenkel villa in Šiauliai. This exhibition catalog was published on the basis of it and includes images of the surviving sculptures of M. Brenner and poems created by his son Joseph.

The bilingual (Lithuanian & English) publication can be bought at Šiauliai “Aušra” museum e-shop here.