Gifts to the Museum Gifts to the Museum

Nijolė Sušinskienė, Sergejus Kanovičius and Milda Jakulytė-Vasil. Courtesy of Irina Pocienė.

Gifts to the Museum

We met Nijolė Sušinskienė, daughter of Šeduva native Antanas Bukauskas, on May 25, 2022. We had a pleasant conversation about Šeduva's past and present, shared stories about Šeduva Jews and remembered Antanas Bukauskas's significant work for preserving the history of the town.

Information collected over many years by Bukauskas, a teacher, led to the publication of a small book in 1992 called "A Brief History of the City of Šeduva" ["Trumpa Šeduvos miesto istorija" in Lithuanian]. The regional history materials and items he collected constitute a priceless collection conserved by the Šeduva Gymnasium. Now a small portion of Antanas Bukauskas's legacy to future generations will find a home at the Lost Shtetl Museum.

We sincerely thank Nijolė Sušinskienė for her donation of these important documents on the history of the Jews of Šeduva. This gift will certainly enrich our knowledge and the collection of the future museum.