Facing Our Past: Lithuanians, Germans, and Jews Facing Our Past: Lithuanians, Germans, and Jews

Christoph Dieckmann and Sergey Kanovich. Courtesy of Tautvydas Juknevičius.

Facing Our Past: Lithuanians, Germans, and Jews

On October 1, 2021, Christoph Dieckmann, an author of history books on German occupation policies and the Holocaust in Lithuania, alongside Sergey Kanovich, the project manager of the Lost Shtetl Museum, launched a discussion series entitled “Open Conversations about History." The series is co-organized by the Lost Shtetl Museum and Vilnius University.

Postcommunist eastern Europe still rejects many scholarly interpretations of the Second World War, the Holocaust, nazism, and communism. Why is it so difficult to analyze a common history without clinging to nationalist narratives? Why is there such friction between the stories of today and the past?

Historian Christoph Dieckmann shared his insights into the tensions surrounding the professional study of history and public memory, talked about his search for the most appropriate ways to explore the Holocaust in Lithuania, and introduced the approaches he used in an attempt to include various perspectives of Holocaust participants.

We invite you to watch the recording of the discussion on our Youtube channel!