Closing Ceremony for Michael Brenner Exhibit Closing Ceremony for Michael Brenner Exhibit

Lost Shtetl Museum and Aušra Museum in Šiauliai staff at the closing ceremony for Michael Brenner exhibit. Courtesy of Gintarė Pakulytė.

Closing Ceremony for Michael Brenner Exhibit

A ceremony to close the exhibition of Michael Brenner's works called "Michael Brenner. Free Fall. Šiauliai-New York-Paris-Šiauliai" was held at the Chaim Frenkel villa in Šiauliai, Lithuania, May 5.

Participants at the ceremony shared information about the family, life and work of this world-renowned sculptor from Šiauliai. They spoke about the idea behind the exhibit of this artist who is so little-known in Lithuania. Brenner's works---in all fourteen sculptures of different sizes--were exhibited for the first time in Lithuania. His son Joseph Brenner and Joseph's wife Nadya donated these sculptures to the Lost Shtetl Museum. Joseph, currently living in Switzerland, delivered a video address for the closing ceremony in which he shared personal memories of his father and explained why he had decided to donate his father Michael's sculpture works of exceptional value to the museum. This video recording is available on Youtube.

Lost Shtetl Project director Sergejus Kanovičius, senior exhibits curator Milda Jakulytė-Vasil, deputy director of the Aušra Museum in Šiauliai Virginija Šiukščienė, other staff from museums who contributed to setting up this exhibit and art historian Vilma Gradinskaitė, Ph.D., took part in the closing ceremony.

The exhibit will run till May 16. It was organized jointly by the Lost Shtetl Museum and the Aušra Museum.